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Andrea Gomez is the co-founder of filmchisme. She has a BA in Literary Journalism, Film and Media Studies, and Crying On the Inside Over Sci-Fi Films (unofficial).She has bylines in:,, Locale Magazine, CV Independent and more. Neon lighting makes her happy. She lives for TV and will force you to watch all of her favorite shows. Fight her on the validity of any of her favorite ships and she will win.

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Jules Posada is the co-founder of filmchisme. She is 50% Mexican, 50% Anglo-Colonial nonsense, and 100% still upset that In The Flesh was cancelled. One day she’d like to stop being an undergraduate in Sociology and Film and Media Studies and go to film school for producing/directing, or beg Guillermo Del Toro for an apprenticeship – whichever comes first. Her favorite genres are action, dark comedy, sci-fi and fantasy. However, she will watch anything that’s female led, starring/made by POC or even remotely LGBT+.

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